Hip Hop and the Art of Peace Education

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In Honor of my Manuscripts Tenth Anniversary I am working on making it available, everywhere!

Hip Hop and the Art of Peace Education

“Hip Hop and the Art of Peace Education,” i.e. “An Educator’s Tool Within Conflict, Post Conflict and Peace Zones,” aims to introduce a broad audience to the field of P.E.A.C.E. education, while showing and proving that hip hop is authentically a culture of peace. The text introduces the 6 petals of peace education while interweaving excerpts from interviews with twelve artist-activists to include — Queen Yonasda, Stic Man of Dead Prez, and child soldier-survivor Emmanuel Jal (2009.) Based on my M.A. thesis, it was written in 2009 then edited and reformatted in 2011, to provide a solid foundation in peace education, to complement and enhance the work already out there on hip hop and social justice movements.

This inspirational and educational order includes my 130-page 5.5 x 8.5 academic (all white) book, and 24-page 8.5 x 11 workbook. Orders support operations (as providing curriculum to those incarcerated and in need). Tenth Anniversary copies will soon be available on additional platforms. Thank you for your support and participation in this project!

Table of Contents


Literature Review
The Petals of Peace Education Chart
1. History and Personal Peace
2. Natural Science and Environmental Care
3. Psychology, Attitudes and Values Education
4. Art Therapy and Multicultural Education
5. Sociology and Education for Human Rights
6. Disarmament Education and Mathematics*
Final Conclusion
Objectives and Desires Outcomes
Research Project Intervention
The Hip Hop Declaration of Peace

Written, Edited, Formatted, Designed, and Self-Published by Earth “Saylove” in collaboration with the #HipHopEd collective! For international orders, contact: saylove@hiphop.education


Hip Hop and the Art of Peace Education

• 130 page First Test Print In Black & White (5.5×8.5) • Tenth Anniversary Cover Art Dust Jacket (8.5×14) • Tenth Anniversary Thank You Letter (8.5×11) • Cover Art Postcard (5.5×8.5) • 24 page Workbook (8.5×11)