Hip Hop and the Art of Peace Education

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Hip Hop and the Art of Peace Education, first presented at UPEACE in El Rodeo, Costa Rica in 2011, is the first text on “the interconnectedness” of peace education and hip hop culture. Inspired by The Hip Hop Declaration of Peace, this project is a proponent of the philosophy that hip hop is a culture of peace. The document opens up with the preface, introduction, acknowledgements, terminology, and the literature review, then goes on to explore the six petals of peace education, in the context of 5-6 core subjects, and hip hop culture. In closing, it offers a final conclusion, and continuing project outline, to put this theory into practice, i.e., music projects, media, and educational events. Based on primary and secondary sources, the chapters also include excerpts from Saylove’s exclusive radio interviews. The six petals of peace education are: personal or inner peace, environmental care, attitudes and values education, multicultural education, human rights education, and disarmament education. Note: This critical educator’s tool to aid in dismantling structural violence, outlines various ways that hip hop may facilitate peace education in classrooms, communities, in peace, and conflict zones. The books and workbooks are now available on Amazon. To Direct Order On Paypal, Tap Here! Domestic: Books Cost: $25 (+ $5 Autographs). Workbooks Cost: $15, Each! International Orders: Contact: saylove@hiphop.education