Hip Hop and the Art of Peace Education

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Hip Hop and the Art of Peace Education offers youth critical education to aid in dismantling structural violence. Volume 1 introduces readers to the six petals of peace education, outlining ways hip hop may facilitate peace education in classrooms, communities, in peace and conflict zones. Following Saylove’s master’s thesis — it is the first text on “the interconnectedness of peace education and hip hop culture.

Highlighting the need for an increased knowledge of self, self-love, health, and increased knowledge to improve the quality of life (of all people) — Volume 1 proposes the development of a movement to raise awareness surrounding the advancement of peace education through the 5 elements of hip hop culture, to include: music, radio, art, literature, and events — alongside education, “building a culture of peace.

Recommended for teachers, scholars, activists, artists, and community groups. Our Workbooks are also available for order. Written, Edited, Designed, and Published by Earth “Saylove,” in collaboration with #HipHopEd


***** Hip Hop is a SHE “The brilliance, visuals, layout, context and exercise is absolute brilliance. I think every child should have access to this because it will literally open up their mind to the art form beyond music but more like a historical and spiritual lesson!” (Constance, April 5, 2022)