Jazzy Peoples

Stylistics Promo
Saylove feat. John Robinson and J-Rawls (2009) & Jazzy People’s Stylistic’s Radio Hour (2019)

Jazzy Peoples

Sufiayh A. Yasmine is the Executive Producer within her production company A Jazzy Peoples Production. A subsidiary of EARTHSAYLOVE LLC, Jazzy Peoples most specializes in FM radio production and is now working on a pilot for PBS. “We use sampling, story-telling, artist interviews, ethnomusicology, hip hop and jazz, in our creative process, to preserve the non-linear dimension of hip hop. Rooted in the 1960’s era of jazz, and soul music, our roots both reach into the past and flower up to this day.” We are developing a production studio, and record archive, to educate viewers and listeners with performances, interviews, and record reviews with educators and artists. We air on WJZP, Maine Public Classical, and we stream online to an international audience across the planet. – @earthsaylove


Maine Public Classical, WJZP Jazz Portland 107.9 FM, Asociacion de Artistas de Nicaragua, UPEACE Peace & Conflict Monitor, and Transcend: Art Peace Network.