Mentorship Curriculum (2023)


Mentorship and Advocacy Program 2023 Almanac © is a resource designed by Earth Saylove catering to at risk youth and educators; particularly those verified for human trafficking. Our workbook includes a prompt for each of 12 months, 3 seasons, 12 month calendar, lunar calendar, 52 week planner/ and a 52 topic sequence. The Women’s Impowerment Network…

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Mentorship and Advocacy Program 2023 Almanac is a NEW resource developed and designed by Earth Saylove. Our primary audience caters to at-risk girls, ages 12-25, educators, and those seeking self-improvement. Our workbook includes: a prompt for each of four seasons, and twelve months, a twelve month calendar, the lunar calendar, a 52 week planner and 52 topic sequence engaging our audience. The Women’s Impowerment Network 2023 Journal is our supplemental resource also designed by Earth Saylove, with 152 Pages of Ankhs for lyrics, poetry, note taking and journaling. Mentorship and Advocacy Program and Women’s Impowerment Network subscription based program, meets on every Monday and Wednesday.

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Sufiyah has served in the field as an advocate, and as a survivor mentor, internationally since 2010, and has worked with Selah Freedom in Central Florida, since 2016. Sufiyah is passionate about sharing her story to raise awareness and calls to action, to prevent C.S.E.C., human trafficking, severe mental illness, addiction, and homelessness.

Sufiyah’s own story includes: Juvenile Corrections, Runaways and C.P.S., Domestic Violence, Gang Trafficking, Abduction, Alcoholism, Pipeline To Prison, Drug Addiction, Severe Mental Illness, Homelessness, Loss and Grief, Social Justice Activism, Advocacy, Therapeutic Music and Arts, Peace Education, and Prevention Education.

While few were there, to guide her, Suyfiyah chose to save herself. Still, little would prepare her for the pain of losing a long battle, fighting her brother’s battle against addiction and severe mental illness. Consider contracting Sufiyah as the human trafficking consultant, subject matter expert, or speaker for your upcoming event or conference. Sufiyah highlights prevention and intervention. To request our one sheet, contact:


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