The Jazz Flower

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The Jazz Flower – Friday 6-8 PM ET. Contact:

104.1 FM W281AC Portland
99.7 FM W259BY Waterville
106.1 FM W291CO Bangor
91.5 FM WBQF Fryeburg Coverage
93.7 FM WBQE Milbridge Coverage
96.7 FM WBQA Boothbay Harbor
102.3 FM W272CG Sanford/Kennebunkport

Online: Mobile devices: Click the Diamond 💠 at bottom right. Laptops: Select “All Streams” at upper right. Once you see the 3 options select “Maine Public Classical.” Start at this link!

9 Replies to “The Jazz Flower”

    1. Hi Saylove!
      I adore your show so much and thank you deeply for bringing onto the airwaves such rich and fascinating tunes. I was listening around 7:21 this eve and was totally struck by a song you played. It was an octet, I couldn’t grab my pencil in time to get the name… yet it’s from a 1978 album called “Spirits Rejoice.” I’m hoping you might send me the name of this song and the band… I can’t wait to hear it again!

      1. Peace Sarah!
        The song title is “You Ain’t Gonna Know Me Cos You Think You Know Me,” by Mongezi Feza. I played the rendition by The Louis Moholo Octet. 🙂

  1. Great show! Welcome to Maine public radio. Thanks to Rich Tozier for making a spot for you on his Friday night jazz show. Looking forward to next week thanks again! Carl and Patty from Brunswick Maine.

  2. Udamaakeryerr, Lion 🦁 of the New Dawn!
    Congratulations! Nice hearing from you! I like how you set this up. I need to have something like this set up for my World Media Coalition Jazz Lover’s Television Network LLC. Please call me please?

  3. Can’t believe you are not some syndicated show! Or are you? Anyway, excellent playlists! Thanks so much. Especially for broadcasting in Maine.

    1. The Jazz Flower airs on Maine Public Classical’s seven FM stations, and it is our goal to syndicate on other NPR stations, in the future! Thank you for being a part of The Jazz Flower Community!

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